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Thursday, February 7, 2008

pushing cars out of snowbanks is overrated + new cards.

Wednesday=lots of snow in Wisconsin.

Chad got a snowday!! Lucky. I went to work.

Before I left work my brother called and asked if I could pick him up and drive him out to the highway to jump his car, which had been stranded there for hours. He tried to get it towed but the tow trucks were either so backed up or not going out at all because of the weather conditions. Of course by the time I left work the roads were a MESS. I had to get out to help push at least 8 cars just so that I could keep moving. Everyone was getting stuck on the slightest incline or just because there was SO much snow.

So after a 90 minute drive which should have taken 10 minutes, I arrived exhausted at my brother's place. We drove out to his car which was then totally plowed in -- and started shoveling it out. A truck full of 3 fantastic strangers stopped to help us shovel so it went a lot faster. We got the car jumped, finally. YAY!

This is the craziest snow storm I've experienced. There were seriously more than a thousand cars stuck on the highway OVERNIGHT. Sheesh!

Okay seriously. Spring, please???

Here are some cards I finished tonight.


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High Desert Diva said...

Yuck...too much snow. That doesn't sound like fun at all.