make time to make.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I haven't been very motivated to make new things lately. I have a lot of ideas but have just been exhausted between my full time job, kids, keeping up my home...just usual life stuff. I did make a small batch of pins including this astronaut set this week. I also posted a few random new items in my etsy shop and will post more throughout the week.

Tonight I spent some time cutting some super awesome images from a wacky 1950s book about 101 ways teenagers make money. Ha! I plan to do some supply shopping and thrifting later this week so that I can get moving with some new projects. Sometimes just doing a little supply shopping is all it takes to inspire me.

Have a fantastic week, everyone!



fernfiddlehead said...

Cute buttons. I love the images.

Katie said...

wow! those are adorable! =^.^=