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Friday, September 21, 2007

What are YOU wearing today?

Okay, I know this would work better with a picture but hey, what the heck...

Today I am wearing:
black tank top screen printed with pale pink unicorn
layered over hot pink t-shirt
Light blue and white checkered bandana screen printed in hot pink with etsy logo (wearing this as a hair wrap)
black and white owl necklace

Holy accessory overkill, batman!

I feel like I look about twelve years old. But I also feel GREAT and have decided it works.
I love that so much of my wardrobe and accessories are handmade by an array of awesome artists and crafters.
Isn't it grand?

Okay, your turn!


Banana-head Pancake said...

ooh I love accessory overkill! And, yes, it makes me too extremely happy when I wear my handmade goods. It' like a hug.

The Rocking Pony said...

I admire you! I'm afraid to wear my stylish Amy Butler headband with my sweats for fear the fashion police will haul me away. Or worse, I'll run into Miss Butler at the grocery store and be totally embarrassed.

By the way, you've been tagged. Six random things about yourself, and pass it on to six others.