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Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Space Oddities will be a vendor at the the very first GEEK-KON in Madison, WI next month! This FREE two day convention on October 5 & 6 is your place for all things geek. I plan to bring an array of fun handmade geekery including magnets and pins made from damaged comic books, manga gift bags, greeting cards made with original Empire Strikes Back gift wrap and awesomely geeky tote bags and apparel featuring unicorns and other magical illustrations by Chad Thorson. You can check out the GEEKERY section of my etsy shop to get an idea of what will be available.

Geek-kon registration is FREE and you will even get some extra goodies if you pre-register by September 16. You can click HERE to learn more about all of the events and happenings!

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fernfiddlehead said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. The items you plan on selling sounds like they will do well there. Good luck.