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Friday, June 1, 2007

Rad Dad

I wanted to make something fun for Father's Day but I kept getting hung up on the same old traditional slogans (like #1 dad.) I asked my friend Jessi (my applepanda partner in craft) if she had any ideas and she immediately said "how about Rad Dad? I would buy that." Jessi is indeed the idea woman. I love it! I made a batch of Rad Dad pins and my husband has already been wearing it proudly for the past week. I've also added these to my Etsy shop here and will have them at my next craft show. And don't think I am forgetting about Mom! Even though mother's day is over I whipped up some super awesome "Mom's the Bomb" pins that will also be available in my shop soon. Yay! Thanks for your inspiration, Jessi!

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