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Monday, December 28, 2009

Hope you're enjoying the holidays! I had a nice mellow, relaxing few days with my family. I took a break from my shop and let myself get a little more disconnected with things than I have in awhile. I had to go back to work today but I am somehow back in chill out mood tonight. It's great! I'm looking forward to another long weekend coming up with not a whole lot on the agenda. We probably won't do much but a family movie night on New Year's eve but I'm looking forward to it for sure!

I do want to share one fun bit of news with you. I'm featured along with 2 other local artists in an article called "crafting a business on etsy" in January's issue of Wisconsin Woman magazine. You can read it online HERE (link will be on the left of their home page) or pick it up at several local grocery stores/gas stations/libraries in the Madison area. Very fun!

Well, I am off for a night of chutes & ladders and brownies & ice cream. Enjoy your week!


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