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Monday, November 7, 2011

The Bookish Life

Hello friends! I have big news and I am so exicted to share it!

After almost 6 years of selling our handmade wares as Space Oddities, we have decided to change our business name! We loved Space Oddities when we chose it because it was a fun, lighthearted name that we felt fit the randomness of what we were making at the time. Our new name was chosen with our more focused creative path in mind.

Over the years we have created lots of different items, many of them from recycled books and comics with our original art work integrated. We feel that we have finally found our niche and plan to move forward with The Bookish Life in full force!
We have a new collection of literary bracelets, necklaces and hair accessories that we are very excited about in addition to our current bookish items that include art prints on old book pages and mirrors, magnets, cards and pins featuring recycled comics and books. Check out the bookish life etsy shop to see some of our newest creations!
Above is the logo that Chad made for our new shop banner and business cards. We had intended to wait until the new year to move forward with this name change, but once he drew this, I knew I couldn't wait any longer!

We have a few upcoming shows where you will be able to find a large selection of some of our newest items as well as some of our oldies but goodies. Our first show is on Sunday, November 13 in Madison at the Goodman Center. You can find more details about the Crafty Fair on Facebook!

Have a fabulous November!

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