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Friday, June 5, 2009

art journal fun

I'm participating in an art journal swap that Laura
is organizing on Facebook. Each person will choose a theme and start their book before passing it on to the next person. I'm super excited about this project! It's probably not a huge surprise to you that theme I chose is: love notes. I am addicted to valentines and love text in my work so there you have it. Here are the first few pages of my book.

I'm planning to bring it to Anthology this weekend for Laura to add to and pass on. Yay!


Kim said...

I LOVE it! NIce work and what a fun project/challenge!

Little Dickens Designs said...

That's a great idea!

disCARDS said...

Is that last image (the one of the boy and girl facing each other and reading) from a Reader's Digest anthology for teenagers? I swear I have it! Crazy!!

Space Oddities said...

Emily - I'm not totally sure where that image is from. I think it was a children's magazine or workbook of some sort. Something about Science. I don't think I ever had a reader's digest anthology for teenagers. Hmmm.

disCARDS said...

Maybe it was the same illustrator... or a stock image/clip art of its day? This illustration came from the same book - both were in the title pages at the front of the book: