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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hello Spring!

Two things:

1. We are in the thick of the home buying process and things are kind of nuts.

2. I wish someone wouldn't have told me that there is snow in the forecast this weekend. I avoid the news for a reason!

3. I have been neglecting my blog quite a lot lately. If you're wondering what I'm up to these days, please feel free to stalk me on twitter.



Naomi said...

Hi lady! I have a nice house for ya if you'd like to buy it.... hehe... We've decided to try to sell. Ugh... Need a bigger house now!

Atom Kid said...
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Space Oddities said...

Naomi! I would have totally considered your house, for serious! But we've already found a place in Verona, crossing fingers that it all works out. Good luck selling/buying. I think it's a good time for both!!

Naomi said...

That's awesome! Good luck!!!! I think it is better time to buy than sell, but hopefully our house is good for the first time buyer market.

Verona is a nice town and still close to Madison too!