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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

letting go

The closer it gets to July, the more excited I am getting about moving. But at the same time it's hard to completely process what I'm going to be leaving behind. Of course the hardest part will be missing friends and family. We've gotten so used to seeing my brother and sister-in-law often and my kids love to hang out with their cousins. It's weird to imagine it any other way. It's definitely going to be different.

The other thing that has been hard for me lately is not applying for upcoming shows. It killed me not to apply for the High Noon Summer Craftacular, but there's no way I could find time to do it in the midst of packing and cleaning and house hunting. Not to mention that I'm going to be traveling that weekend…boo! I can’t even GO to the craftacular much less be a vendor at it. I was also looking forward to being a vendor at Geek-kon this year but we'll be gone before then. I know that once we settle in I'll find new craft fairs and new opportunities to sell my work. It's just hard to let go of what I've become used to and have come to love.

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