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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Last night I:
1.Made barbeque tofu and ate dinner with my husband and kids (rare!)
2.Screen printed a gigantic batch of cards, most of which will be used for swag for the High Noon Craftacular.
3.Was in bed by 11:30 (also super rare.)

This morning I:

1.Woke up early and didn't feel like a zombie
2.Cleaned up from last night's craftstravaganza, still didn't clean up from last night's dinner, but made it to my day job by 6:30am.

I am looking forward to:
2.Seeing my best friend and her little boy on Friday
3.Buying a new winter coat
4.WIST Trunk show this weekend
5.Craftacular next weekend
6.Thanksgiving so I can hang with my family

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